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I’m busy typing, editing, reformatting and putting the finishing touches on the Docu-Drama “Rights to our Privates” the true story of how one woman can make a difference in the private lives of a nation.


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Keep out of My Bedroom

Sherri Williams, her legal counsel Attorney Mike Fees and the ACLU sued the State of Alabama to overturn their 1998 law banning the sale of adult toys because they rightfully believed that it violates the 4th and 14th Amendments protecting one’s Right to privacy. All Judgments that were delivered in the US Federal District Court and the 11th District Court of Appeals will be available here soon. For now, click here to enjoy this brief synopsis of the first 4 years of the 10 year long battle.

Excerpts from my Book

She loaded another small box into the passenger seat of her 1973 Nova. She thought for a moment she heard the old car groan. It wasn’t a pretty car but a sporty one by Kentucky standards. With her loud pipes, a jacked up rear end and a 3 speed on the floor she definitely turned heads. The worn out army green paint betrayed every glance. One day when she had a few extra dollars, Read More...

In a smoke filled room, light music lingered in the air. The sounds of poker chips clicking and sliding across each other were the only other clatter that could be heard. In the dimly lit private room, four men surrounding the table were hardly visible to each other. Looking at his cards, a greying gentleman with beady eyes and a round, crooked nose leaned forward to throw in his bet, “One hundred.”John, the gentleman following him at the table took another look at his cards, “I fold.”But, the next gentleman at the table had no intentions of throwing in his hand. Read More...



Rights to Our Privates

Rights to Our Privates Book

Sex, Politics, Religion and one woman's battle to kick the government out of our bedrooms. Her modest Kentucky childhood was filled with divorce and drama. She left at 17 for the big city with nothing more than naive ambition. She soon realized it was her dream to help couples inspire intimacy in their relationships. The many aspects of and variations of intimacy lead her down many paths and her Alabama Romance Boutiques thrived. In 1998 Alabama passed a law banning the sale of marital aids. Sherri refused to walk away. So began the 10 year Civil Rights battle to restore a nations right to privacy. This intriguing journey from small town girl to Civil Rights activist is a must read.


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I have been working with the producer of Sticky - The Self Love Story. As one of the persons interviewed in this extremely entertaining documentary. I attend some of the screening events and answer questions from the audience. To attend a movie screening or to purchase this movie go to:

Much has been reported about the Romance Boutiques and the woman that sued the State of Alabama for the sake of a community and the civil rights of a nation.



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